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Wire Die Manufacturing

Every phase in Fort Wayne Wire Die's manufacturing process is governed by experienced technicians, following innovative ISO 9001:2008 registered procedures.

Drilling | Using electrolytic drilling machines, lasers, wire EDM machines and electrical discharge machining centers, FWWD creates the basic hole size and shape for each die. They then verify this, as well as the bearing length, ovality and reduction angle, using software and optical measurement devices developed by FWWD exclusively for the wire industry.

Shaping, Polishing & Sizing | After drilling, technicians use wire and ultrasonic polishing systems to create and fine tune each die's precise bearing length and reduction angle.

Elongation Testing | When manufacturing a matched die set, FWWD conducts physical testing to verify the elongation rate of the exiting wire at each die in the sequence, and produces a full certification document that accompanies the set in shipping.

Wire Die Manufacturing
FWWD’s proprietary wire-polishing machines remain the most reliable means of sizing dies to the tightest tolerances.

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