Wire Die Quality Control: Plant Tour Part 4
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Wire Die Quality Control

Fort Wayne Wire Die: Wire Die Manufacturer

In-line measurement equipment is calibrated to masters in the QA lab. To check accuracy on the smallest dies, technicians weigh 200 mm lengths of wire on a scale that automatically converts the weight to a hole diameter.

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In-Process QC | Quality checkpoints exist throughout manufacturing. During die shaping, polishing and sizing, operators measure each die and instantly check their measurements against the original specifications using a real-time database that links operators throughout the manufacturing area.

Final Inspection | After leaving the production floor, every single wire die undergoes a final visual inspection. Here, lab personnel use a series of sophisticated instruments and a real-time database to ensure the finished product complies with original order specifications.

Packaging and Shipping | Finally, the shipping staff checks the dies. In particular, they examine matched die sets, confirming they have the correct set and serial numbers and are packaged in the correct sequence.


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