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Recut, polish and inspect your own wire dies to maximize die life and uphold your wire quality specifications with a complete line of die room equipment and accessories from Fort Wayne Wire Die.


Wire Polishing System

Di Pro Diamond Powder, Compound Direct Contact Wire Measurement System WP100
  Wire Polishing System / WP910
Economical and easy to use for ripping, polishing and sizing single crystal diamond and polycrystalline diamond dies.
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Di-Pro™ diamond powder and compound
100% virgin diamond compound for precision repolishing and sizing single crystal and polycrystalline diamond, as well as tungsten carbide dies.
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Direct Contact Wire Measurement System / CMS420 SmartMic™
Test the diameter and roundness of your wire with remarkable precision.
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WP100 Series Wire Pullers
Draw wire samples with impeccable consistency to accurately measure and inspect die dimensional and wire-finish performance.
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  Wire Die Inspection Microscope   Ultrasonic Die Cleaner   Wire Polishing System      
  Wire Die Inspection Microscope / DM300
Examine the surface of your dies for optimum finished wire quality.
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Ultrasonic Die Cleaner / USC400
For thorough and efficient cleaning of wire drawing dies and other small parts.
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Wire Polishing System / WP230
Refinish your ultra-small to medium diamond wire dies with this durable, efficient and compact self-contained unit.
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