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  Single Crystal Diamond Dies

Single Crystal Diamond Dies

For fine wire and ultrafine wire applications demanding a superior wire surface finish, nothing performs better than a single crystal natural or synthetic diamond die from Fort Wayne Wire Die.

The first to use diamond x-ray orientation, Fort Wayne Wire Die is uniquely skilled at properly mounting the diamond inside the die casing to ensure precise profiling, exceptionally accurate hole sizing and maximum wearability that all combine to yield unmatched wire quality.

You get the very best performance for optimum wire reduction uniformity and wire roundness, minimum die pull and virtually flawless wire surface finish.

Hole Sizes
From .0003in to .114in
or from 0.0075mm to 2.90mm


  • Best surface finish of any die material available.
  • Lowest die pull and friction.
  • Excellent recutability.
  • Diamond x-ray orientation provides greater consistency, more predictable wear and more pounds of uniform wire per die.

Used in fine and ultrafine wire sizes, or as finishing dies when wire surface quality is critical.

Typical Markets
Magnet wire, tungsten wire, plated-copper wire, stainless steel wire and wire drawn of precious metals.
  Single Crystal Diamond Dies    
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