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  Wire Drawing Extrusion Tips and Dies

Wire Drawing Extrusion Tips and Dies

Extrude insulation onto your wire, cable or fiber-optic cable with exceptional precision and uniformity using Fort Wayne Wire Die extrusion tips and dies.

Each custom-manufactured tip and die is individually engineered with unique applications expertise, then 100% tested for concentricity verification, to ensure proper wire centering. The end result is an insulated wire with uniform insulation thickness and precise conductor centering that provides the correct electrical characteristics in your finished product.

Hole Sizes
Single crystal diamond: .012in to .036in
or 0.30mm to 0.90mm

Polycrystalline diamond: .012in to .093in
or 0.30mm to 2.36mm

Tungsten carbide: .020in to .500in
or 0.50mm to 12.5mm

Tool steel: up to 1.0in or up to 25mm


  • Guaranteed ID to OD concentricity to .0002in (0.005mm) T.I.R. (total indicator reading).
  • Individually packaged with quality inspection certificate.
  • Custom made to your specifications.
  • Standard styles and sizes available for immediate shipment.

Precision-insulated wire and cable, including Category 5, 6 and 7 products where consistent electrical properties are required.

Typical Markets
Telephone, telecommunication and electronic cables
  Wire Drawing Extrusion Tips and Dies    

Download PDF version of the Extrusion Tips and Dies technical sheet, complete with details on hole sizes, die and tip design styles, die materials and other key ordering information.

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